Collins versus Cruz on the Senate floor

It should come as no surprise the governing philosophies of Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Ted Cruz are disparate. But what is surprising is the level of candor Collins offered during the most recent escapades of the Texas senator. Cruz, alongside Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, staged a revolt during votes on the massive government […]

Collins, King: CIA engaged in torture

Maine’s two senators, both of whom serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee, condemned the Bush-era CIA interrogation practices outlined in a new report made public Tuesday as “torture.” Neither Republican Sen. Susan Collins nor Independent Sen. Angus King served on the committee when the CIA was using the maneuvers in the wake of 9/11 in […]

King works the press – again

Angus King did not kill the Keystone XL pipeline project. There’s a mythical idea in Congress of politicians who cast “the deciding vote” on an issue – such as Tuesday’s vote on the authorization to move ahead with the Keystone XL construction. The premise is that a wavering pol falls on one side of the […]

Can Collins and King make Washington work again?

With a Republican Senate majority on the horizon, Maine’s independent Sen. Angus King wasted no time telling the Maine press he would continue to caucus with Democrats. That’s despite his coy head-fake before the election that he would be winning to side with whoever could best help him further Maine interests, even if it was […]

Angus King loses in Republican Senate sweep

It’s pretty obvious Democrats in Maine – and around the country – had an awful night. But there’s someone else who is in a less advantageous position thanks to the election results: Angus King. King, the independent who currently caucuses with majority Democrats in the Senate, has dangled the possibility he would switch to joining […]

Does the debate matter?

Is the race for the Blaine House over? On the cusp of the second televised gubernatorial debate, some of the state’s top political hands say the die has been cast, thanks to a shoddy performance by Democrat Mike Michaud and a strong showing from Republican Gov. Paul LePage. “LePage has been doing far better than […]

Obama heads to Maine to rally for Michaud

As part of a united Democratic front pushing for Mike Michaud’s election to the Blaine House, President Barack Obama will come to Portland to stump for the Democratic congressman. Michaud, who remains locked in a tight battle with Republican Gov. Paul LePage, and thwarted by the independent candidacy of Eliot Cutler, surely hopes despite his […]

Cutler, LePage and Michaud vie for women voters

Want to know where ground zero is in the Maine gubernatorial race? Women voters. As headlines get filled with polling results and squabbles about who will debate when, the real trench warfare is occurring elsewhere. Independent Eliot Cutler, trailing the race in third place, has tried to put a dent in Democrat Mike Michaud’s support […]